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    Tips can be added to the checkout price as a percentage or as a flat amount.

Corporate Orders / Party Orders

    Boozeapp takes special care in supplying your needs for large parties and we can also arrange bartenders or mixologists. A minimum of 3 hours of booking is required.

Promotions/ Incentives
    You can learn about our special offers and promotions by connecting with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus.

Delivery fee
    In New York, there is no delivery fee for an order which fulfils a minimum order amount set by beer/liquor store.

Credit Card/ Payment

    We accept credit card payments and use a very secure payment process through PayPal Company. Currently we do not accept Cash.

Bank Pre-Authorization Charges
    Some banks have a pre-authorization transaction once an order is placed. Your bank may take a few days to clear this.

Delivery Time

    Delivery times are subject to variation due to several factors (i.e. distance from the store, traffic conditions, holidays etc.) but usually take less than an hour.

Delivery Scheduling
    You can choose to deliver immediately or order in advance for a future delivery date/time.

Refusal to Deliver
    A customer may be refused delivery by a store if they are believed to be underage or intoxicated.  In such a case, you will be given a refund and charged a restocking fee of $20.00.

Operating Hours
    Each store that we partner with has a delivery window, which you will choose from at checkout.

Identification/ Proof of Age
    You will be required to present a valid form of identification to the delivery person to prove that you are of legal age (21 or above) to buy alcohol.

    Orders can be cancelled with a full refund, but you will be subject to a restocking fee of $20.00 if the product has already left the store.

Restocking Fee
    You will be charged a restocking fee of $20.00 if you cannot be reached for a delivery or if you cancel an order after it has left the store.

Refund/ Return Policy

    The stores do not accept returns and give refunds once the product has been delivered.